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Dark Matter Honey Bear Box

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Your honey is in a bear?
Yeah, but it's a fucking sweet bear!

Hey man, this isn't another clover honey sold in a neat package by some business hippie. What we have here is, like, the most stellar honey you can find. We get this stuff from the kindest buds in Guatemala - from this farm that's umm.. like on this volcano man where you can see the stars as clear as if you were on a spaceship or something. They have a crazy amount of bees there too. They're really happy and shit because they are getting all this pollen from eucalyptus, macadamia, hibiscus, bay laurel, passion fruit, and COFFEE man, like from the same trees we brew coffee with. Sometimes we'll sweeten coffee with its own honey, like alpha and omega or something, it's a trip!

Whoa man, sorry what were we talking about again?

Honey Bear Don't Give a Fuck is available in a special box that comes with a 24oz bottle and unique honey dripper.

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