Planning on paying us a visit? (of course you are.) Want to make sure we have space for you? (of course you do.) Well, give us a heads up on when you plan on dropping by and we’ll make sure we’ve got a spot for you.

Disclaimer/Fine Print/Things you should probably know: 

  1. Due to current social distancing rules, we are offering spots on our front patio. Each block is an hour long, and we need to require a $7 deposit per reservation to ensure reservations are kept. We hope you understand.
  2. We’re in the entertainment business, not the weather-predicting business, so we’ll do our best to make sure the experience is fantastic, but mother nature has other ideas, (rain, hurricane winds, lightening, hail… random July snowstorm, etc) we’ll move things inside and keep everyone properly distanced. However, if you aren’t cool with that, let us know and we’ll work things out if the time comes.
  3. We offer a unique experience, so reservations times may fluctuate by up to 15 minutes. This gives us a chance to provide the best to each and every visitor. Please be patient, be kind, we will make sure your experience is flawless.
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